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CNI 23 brings “Nuclear Power Science in Classroom” at Shunyi No.1 Middle School


On the afternoon of January 8, 2016, the “Nuclear Power Science in Classroom” event was unveiled at Shunyi No.1 Middle School. The event was planned by China Nuclear Industry 23, a member company of CNEC Group. Zhang Donghui, director of the Technology Center at China Nuclear Industry 23, gave a vivid lecture on nuclear power science to more than 600 teachers and senior grade one students at the Middle School under the theme, “Let the Nuclear Energy Brighten the World.”

The lecture started by recalling the two smog red alerts in Beijing at the end of 2015. Zhang introduced the teachers and students to the structure, principles, economy and environmental features of nuclear power, as well as the advancement of world nuclear power and China’s nuclear power development. By analyzing the root cause of US Three-Miles Island Nuclear Power Accident, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Accident in the former Soviet Union and the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in Japan, Zhang discussed nuclear power safety production situation and the sound practice in the construction of Chinese nuclear power station by taking reference to China’s strict management and control over the safety quality, allowing the teachers and students to be assured of the safety of China’s nuclear power industry. The teachers and students were clearly aware that nuclear power is a clean, safe, reliable green energy and its development is an effective path of improving the environment. Zhang’s vivid, humorous and easy-going explanation and clear answers during the interaction session earned a warm applause from his audience who were greatly enthusiastic to learn more about nuclear power. At the same time, they gained more objective recognition to nuclear power.

The event, “Nuclear Power Science in Classroom” by China Nuclear Industry 23, focuses on publicizing green nuclear energy and safety. By organizing volunteer speakers to give lectures in the surrounding universities, middle schools and primary schools, the company aims at tapping its advantages to encourage more people to learn and recognize nuclear power starting from school age and removing their fear by mentioning on nuclear while realizing the effective dissemination of nuclear safety culture.