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The CNEC Group has always been paying high attention to the team building of professionals and human resources work. It insists on the implementation of the strategy of “making a strong enterprise with talents”, actively pushes forward reform and innovation. It stresses on solving the mechanism and system issues that restrain the development of talents, puts forth efforts on enhancing the overall qualification of human resources and makes efforts in cultivating excellent professionals to provide strong support for pushing forward the transformation and upgrade of the CNEC Group.

General target

To be outstanding is the target of the CNEC Group and its staff members. By 2020, the general target for the development of talents of the CNEC Group is: to cultivate and form a professional team with a medium scale, optimized structure, reasonable layout and quality qualifications, enhance the overall market competitiveness of the professional team, focus on cultivation and formation of a group of high-level operation and management talents, a group of professional managers, a group of high-level professional technical talents, a group of hi-tech talents to lay a professional foundation for making a strong, excellent and large Group.

Creating a talent development environment with fair competition

To realize the talent development target of the Group, the CNEC will stress on making efforts to create a talent development environment with fair competition among staff members by innovating the system and mechanism. First, to set up a mechanism for choosing and using people who are able to work at the top or at the grass roots and make it a normal situation that the capable people can be promoted and the incapable people removed and the disqualified people eliminated. Second, to keep on the reform of employment according to market demand. On the basis of position management and with labor contract management as the core, a reasonable floating mechanism of “free entry and exit access” will be formed by focusing on all staff member key performance indicator assessment. Third, to set up a flexible payment mechanism that is decided by market, oriented by performance and interacted with benefits, focus on incentive and restraint, efficiency and fairness, and improve the market-oriented, differentiated and multi-element payment system and income distribution mechanism so as to fully stimulate the vitality of all staff members.

Pay attention to the construction of international talent forces

We are dedicated to the cultivation of the excellent team for nuclear power construction, nuclear energy utilization and environmental protection and become the respected world first-class enterprise that pays attention to the buildup of international professional force. We are dedicated to the cultivation of a group of international professionals who have a good understanding of foreign languages and international rules and regulations and have strong ability in risk prevention and control. The International professionals are the important component part of the talent development target of the CNEC Group. The CNEC Group will continue to introduce high qualification international professionals by means of setting up global recruitment mechanism. At the same time, it will make use of the overseas projects under construction to carry out rotating training, conduct rapid cultivation of international talents that are key and short of supply, select and send people to be trained in countries that have well-arranged projects and cultivate with target the international management talents.

Improve education and training system, continue to enhance qualification of employees

We will continue to improve the education and training system that is classified and covers all the staff members to enhance the systematic, targeted and effective training and ensure the ability and qualification of the employees to cope with the enterprise strategy and business development. In the next five years, the annual average training expenses will be no less than 1.5% of the total salary. The annual average off-job training for operation and management personnel will be no less than 110 hours, and that of the professional technicians no less than 90 hours.

Main measures: To set up the training implementation platform with the management college as its center and various entities as training bases; to further improve the classified training system and scientifically set up training courses; to set up an internal trainers’ team that is professional, high-quality and good at teaching; to innovate talent training mode with stress being laid on strengthening the training of high-quality operation and management talents, high-quality special technicians and high skill talents and conducting targeted training for demanding talents; to construct the multi-element learning platform to enrich carriers for learning and create an organization that is fond of learning; to strengthen the supervision and management of education and training work and ensure the effective use of the employees’ education and training expenses.