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Completion of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-I Marks CNEC’s Continued Commitment to Global Nuclear Power Development


On September 8 local time, construction work of the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-4 (C-4) undertaken by China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation (CNEC) in Punjab, Pakistan, was completed, marking the full completion of all the four units of the nuclear project’s first phase. Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, PAEC Chairman Mohammad Naeem, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong, CNEC’s Party committee member and shareholding company’s chairman Li Dingcheng, as well as representatives from China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) and CNEC attended the inauguration ceremony.

As the world’s only company that has been engaged in nuclear projects for more than 30 years running, CNEC has established an international training center for nuclear power construction authorized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and undertaken all Chinese nuclear projects exported to Pakistan, making a sustained contribution to internationalizing China’s nuclear industry and promoting global nuclear power development.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Abbasi expressed appreciation to the Chinese government, particularly CAEA and other related departments, for the generous support they had provided to Pakistan’s development of nuclear energy, as well as his hopes that the Chinese-Pakistani friendship will last forever. He said that the completion of the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-1 is one of many fruits yielded from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, and that the Pakistani government and citizens alike highly value cooperation with China in nuclear and other technologies. The two countries’ successful cooperation in the Chashma project has laid a solid foundation for Pakistan’s future development of nuclear energy, he added.

The Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1 has been operating in a safe and efficient manner for 17 years, Unit-2 (C-2) began contributing to the national grid in 2011, and Unit-3 (C-3) was put into commercial use at the end of 2016, 26 days ahead of schedule. Currently, all the four units are operating soundly, showing an excellent safety index and satisfactory performance. Unit-2 has even won a Luban Award, the highest architectural and engineering prize in China. In addition, the Unit-2 (K-2) and Unit-3 (K-3) at the Karachi Nuclear Power Complex using Hualong One technology, a domestically developed third-generation reactor design, have entered peak construction periods, heralding a new stage of Sino-Pakistani cooperation in nuclear energy.

The completion of the Chashma nuclear project-1 will help ease the power crunch in Pakistan, reduce outage time for both Pakistani urban and rural residents, propel the development of Pakistan’s national economy, and improve local people’s living quality.