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CNEC Launches Prototype of China’s First Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Cask Project


On Oct. 13, the prototype of key equipment of China’s first concrete container of dry storage cask (DSC) for spent nuclear fuel — stainless steel support frame — developed and made by China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd. (CNI Huaxing), a subsidiary of China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation (CNEC), passed the acceptance inspection of Areva TN.This indicates that the cooperation of CNI Huaxing and Areva TN on spent nuclear fuel DSC project has entered a stage of substantial implementation, paving the way for CNI Huaxing to expand its nuclear fuel reprocessing market.

The DSC support frame, installed inside the external concrete container of spent nuclear fuel DSC, serves as the sliding track for stainless steel spent nuclear fuel DSC to enter and exit the external concrete container while providing support for a long period of storage. Such a design has high requirements on major technical indicators including the degree of parallelism, straightness and perpendicularity.

The successful launch of the prototype is largely attributed to the joint efforts made by related departments of CNI Huaxing in the R&D of key technologies in manufacturing and welding, which also led to a series of technical documents on manufacturing planning and welding assessment. On Oct. 10-13, experts from Areva TN arrived at the nuclear modularization base of Binjiang Development Zone in Nanjing and conducted final acceptance inspection and testing on the prototype of the DSC support frame. After the technical testing and the examination of relevant documents, the Areva TN experts agreed that the prototype meets all the technical requirements.