The CNEC Group owns the world’s only International Construction Training Center (ICTC) on Nuclear Power Plants authorized by the International Atom Energy Agency. Established on Oct. 22, 2011, ICTC is an international platform under the cooperation framework between the IAEA and China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) for sharing of the experience of NPP construction of different countries, particularly, China’s NPP construction experience.

ICTC can provide various types of training courses related to NPP development, such as NPP design, site selection, equipment procurement, construction, nuclear safety standards, etc., for countries devoting to peaceful utilization of nuclear power and on-site visit and inspection as well as technology operation training and share advanced technology and mature experience in nuclear power development.

Countries planning introduction of nuclear power programs will fully obtain advanced NPP technologies and proven practical experience from China and other countries with rich NPP development experience through ICTC training courses and completely further master nuclear power construction management knowledge and technology, cultivate NPP construction talents.

Way of training organization

1. Provide various trainings related with nuclear power organized by IAEA and CAEA.

2. Proposed by the member country of IAEA and approved by IAEA, ICTC will provide targeted training according to the training demand.

Training course

1. Currently, ICTC has 23 training courses related with nuclear power plant construction and management. They cover: NPP basic knowledge, nuclear power installation project management, process planning and management, project coordination management, technology management, on-site design management, dual-use items management, procurement management, quality guarantee, quality control, HSE management, human resources management, informatization management, contract management, machinery equipment installation technology and management, reactor system equipment installation technology and management, pipeline pre-fabrication technology and management, pipeline installation technology and management, electric, controlling instrument installation technology and management, adjustment technology and management, ventilation, temperature-keeping pre-fabrication installation technology and management, non-destructive inspection technology and management, welding technology and management.

2. With the core of nuclear power construction management training courses, ICTC will invite IAEA experts and experts from the international nuclear power sector to provide training courses in the aspects of nuclear power development planning, nuclear safety supervision, NPP design, site-selection, construction pre-stage preparation, equipment procurement, operation, maintenance, adjustment, and decommissioning procedure, according to different training demand and subject arrangement.

3. NPP on-site visit and inspection.

4. NPP construction skill operation training, e.g., the specialized skill operations of welding, pipelining, ventilation, machinery and electric instruments.

Lecturing team:

1. Chinese nuclear power experts: ICTC gathers China’s most outstanding senior professionals of nuclear power design, construction, management and nuclear power construction specialized technicians to be lecturers. They have at least 10 years of rich working experience and profound special technological knowledge in the related fields of nuclear power.

2. IAEA experts and international nuclear power experts: According to different subject arrangements, ICTC will invite experts from IAEA and international nuclear power experts to be training lecturers to provide instruction and share experience.


1. Related government personnel in the nuclear power sector of member countries of IAEA;

2. Managerial personnel of different levels of related enterprises (proprietors/engineering company/construction company, etc.,) of the nuclear power sector;

3. Related skilled personnel and construction personnel of nuclear power sector.


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