China Nuclear Industry Maintenance Co., Ltd is a special nuclear power, nuclear engineering maintenance company under the CNEC. It has been specialized in nuclear power maintenance for nearly 30 years. Its main businesses include nuclear power plant planned outage, daily maintenance, engineering renovation and technology service, etc. It also extends its businesses to the areas of nuclear power installation and adjustment, examination and detection, maintenance and technology renovation, decommissioning of the nuclear facilities, nuclear waste disposal, nuclear project examination and maintenance, nuclear emergency service. It is dedicated to becoming the international first-class nuclear facilities professional service provider.

By the end of September 30, 2016, China Nuclear Industry Maintenance Co., Ltd has smoothly completed nearly 170 refueling outages and daily maintenances, technology renovation for more than 30 sets of nuclear power generators of the nuclear power stations in service in China. It has, for many times, created the record of shortest outage period for the nuclear power generators of the same category in China, winning wide praises from the nuclear power entities and the society and contributing greatly to the guarantee of the operation, maintenance and safety of the national nuclear power stations.

The company has the first-grade qualification of special contract and safety production permit for nuclear engineering and construction mechatronics engineering, special equipment installation and maintenance (lifting machinery) A-grade permit. It passes the integrated verification of three standards, realizes the seamless convergence from valve installation, system adjustment, daily maintenance, refueling outage, engineering technology renovation, to technology service. It has a complete examination and maintenance capability of different reactors (CNP, CANDU, M310, VVER, CPR, EPR) and different capacity generators and the capability of multi-project, group reactor examination and maintenance and management.