CNEC is dedicated to the strong engineering construction capacity and experience formed during the extended nuclear power engineering construction. It actively explores non-nuclear engineering construction market. It has been involved in the construction of a great number of industrial construction fields of the key national projects such as petrochemicals, energy, metallurgy, building materials, architecture, public works and infrastructure facilities. It has become an important force in the large-scale complicated industrial and civil engineering construction in China.

The Group has completed a great many representative engineering projects such as the steel structure hoisting of the National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest), the main venue of the Beijing Olympics that has great popularity and influence at home and abroad, the hoisting of the Terminal 3 of the Capital International Airport, China’s first commercial coal liquefaction demonstrative plant – Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Plant installation project, the integration project of petrifaction and refining-chemical integration in Anqing, Shanghai Caojing Union Isocyanic Acid Chemical Engineering Project (IIP), the 300,000-ton Ethylene Project in Daqing, the 450,000-ton PTA and BDO projects at Yizheng Chemical Fiber, the national power grid in East Timor, the subway project in Singapore and Macao International Airport. By September 30, 2015, CNEC group has won many highest honours in the architecture industry in China. It has won 10 Luban Awards, 69 National Quality Engineering Awards, and 64 provincial level quality engineering awards.

On the basis of the construction of the architecture engineering, CNEC Group continues to expand its business in the general contract of large-scale industrial engineering projects, the contract mode of investment and financing and construction to promote the formation of the integrated chain operation mode of investment, financing, procurement and construction for the industrial and civil engineering businesses.