Integrated shell type nuclear heating reactor (or “low temperature heating reactor”) is an advanced nuclear technology, with completely Chinese intellectual property rights, developed by Tsinghua University independly. The technology safety and reliability could be proved by the 5MW low temperature heating reactor’s construction, operation and the technical difficulties resolve and experiment verification of commercial 200MW low temperature heating reactor.

Technology specialties

Low temperature heating reactor is based on mature pressurized water reactor which utilized the advanced reactor security theory and a series of advanced technologies, good inherent safety and passive safety system. There is no need to leave or hide from the factory under any circumstances.

1. Primary system adopts the integrated and self-stabilized pressure design, dramatically simplifies the system and increases the reactor safety.

2. Primary system adopts full power natural circulation, no need main pump or other extra motive drive, fully rely on the most basic physics laws.

3. Through the secured passive approaches of thermal radiation and heat conduction to extract reactor core residual heat.

4. Adopts new type of liquamatic control rod system and gravity casting of boron,provides double secured and reliable approach for safe shutdown.

5. Adopts double layers appressed pressure hull design, ensure the reactor core is covering by water under any circumstances, effectively avoid the water loss accident.

Safe and reliable, broad application

The thermal channel of low temperature heating reactor adopted triple loops design, between reactor (primary loop) and customer(triple loop), set middle isolation secondary loop to form the radioactive physical isolation and the pressure of secondary loop is higher than primary loop which can effectively prevent radioactive leak from the reactor core.

According to the safety and applicability of this technology, low temperature heating reactor can directly apply to people’s livelihood, targeting on the development of national economy and basic resident energy demand of “heat, electricity, water vapor, cold” etc resources, simultaneously achieve the scale production with good economy.

Clean and environmental protection

Low temperature heating reactor technology is ideal low carbon energy technology which can achieve reliable energy supply, adjust energy structure, decrease carbon consumption and emission, effectively protect environment, solve the pollution issue, and ensure sustainable development. Comparing with oil, coal and gas, LTR technology with energy saving and emission reduction feature, achieves the goal of zero emission. Comparing the same volume of the same power between LTR and fossil fuel boiler room emission, LTR has impressively environmental benefit and social benefit.

Using 200MW nuclear heating to take the place of same scale of fossil fuel boiler room, 250000 tons of coal shipments, 385000 tons of CO2, 6000 tons of sulfur oxide, 1600 tons of nitric oxide, 5000 tons of smoke dust and 50000 tons of ash could be reduced each year; comparing with fuel oil boiler room, 100000 tons of fuel input will be decreased, so as 1800 tons of sulfur oxide and 600 tons of nitric oxide. Under this situation, nuclear heating technology has the remarkable environmental benefit and social benefit.

Nuclear heating (build multiple thermal supply protection system)
A 200MW LTR, in the central of heating area which could meet 4 to 5 millions square meters construction area’s centralized heating demand; in industrial steam production areas, 300 tons of high quality of steam could be produced per hour for the industrial demand from chemical, smelt, papermaking, textile printing and dyeing. Nuclear heating technology can solve the pollution problem of coal burning and transportation problem and the shortage of resources from fuel oil, gas heating and economy problems, also build the multiple thermal supply protection system of coal, oil, gas, and nuclear.


Based on the technology features of LTW, it is very suitable for coupled device of desalination,to build a safe, effective, clean solution.

Adopted nuclear energy coupling,steam turbine,utilization of distillation film and reverse osmositechnology solution for desalination ( this solution won the national patent for invention, innovative), achieve the thermal gradient utilization, in order to improve thermal utilization and desalination production.

Take reactor as the heat source, no harmful pollution emission during desalination production, ensure the clean production.

Desalted water could be produced massively, one 200MW LTR desalination factory could produce 360000 tons of desalted water each day.