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Core values: Responsibility, safety, quality and excellence

Responsibility: This is a solemn pledge made by CNEC to the country, the people and the nuclear power industry. CNEC made its outstanding contributions to the construction of Chinese mainland’s first nuclear power plant. In the future, we will continue to be committed to the safety and prosperity of the country, social development and people’s happiness and well-being, and will continue to do our best to make contributions to the country, the people and the entire human being.

Safety: This is the lifeline for the sustainable and healthy development of CNEC. The corporation always considers safety as the utmost priority, and through improving the safety production system, building the safety-centered culture and delegate asking every member of the corporation to shoulder his due responsibility for safety, provides safe, quality and environmentally friendly products and services to our clients, and offers a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace for all employees.

Quality: It is the lifeline for the survival and development and the guarantee for long-term growth of CNEC. Quality is the cornerstone on which the brand is built. CNEC is always committed to improving the product and service quality, satisfying the needs of clients, constantly improving the level of satisfaction of the customers, helping the clients create bigger value, and building the respected brand of CNEC.

Excellence: This is a goal forCNEC and its employees. We will never stop our search and hard work for excellence, set higher standards and requirements for our work, try to be the best in our production, operation and management, and bring our advantages, capabilities and all resources available to the best play, and seek to be outstanding and excellent.

Corporate spirit: Innovation and development, hard work and commitment

Management Concept: be honest and cinsere,be professional and perfect

Enterprise Mission: present exquisite products,cultivate employees,serve the society

Corporate long-term goals: Fostering and building an excellent team in nuclear power engineering, nuclear power utilization and environmental protection, and building the company into a respected, top global enterprise.