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China Nuclear Engineering& Construction Corporation(CNEC), founded in 1999 on the basis of some enterprises and institutions affiliated to the former China National Nuclear Corporation, is a major, centrally-administered State-owned enterprise, and is an authorized investment arm and asset operator approved by the State Council.

Engineering and construction of nuclear power plants

In the engineering and construction of nuclear power projects, the corporation has completed the construction of different types of nuclear power plants, including the pressurized water reactor, experimental fast-breeder reactor and heavy water reactor, and is capable of undertaking all engineering and construction of different reactors with capacity ranging from 300MW, 600MW, 700MW and 1000MW, and could undertake the construction of 40 nuclear reactors simultaneously. At present, the corporation is the only one in the world that has been engaged into nuclear power construction and engineering for the past three decades, is the constructor of all nuclear power reactors in service and under construction in the Chinese mainland, and has competed successfully the construction of Phase I and Phase II of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan. The corporation has developed a complete set of advanced international model for nuclear power plant construction and management.

Industrial and civil engineering

With unrivaled capacity in nuclear power engineering and construction, CNEC has expanded its business into the civil and industrial engineering, and has undertaken a batch of key projects in various sectors, such as urban and municipal engineering, communications and transportation, energy, and petrochemicals.

Clean-energy development

CNEC vigorously develops the clean-energy businesses featuring industrialization of nuclear power and the development and utilization of hydroelectric power. In the industrialization of nuclear power, the corporation deepens and steps up research and industrialization cooperation with Tsinghua University by exploring and developing the advanced nuclear power utilization businesses such as high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and low-temperature heating reactor, and gradually achieves the goals of industrial upgrading and the elevation of the core technological levels. In terms of the development of hydroelectric power and other clean energies, the corporation has developed a business model featuring investment in hydroelectricity and the coordinated development of other types of clean energies such as power grid, wind and photovoltaic power, and has been maintaining fast growth in the development of clean energies.

International cooperation

Since the 1980s, CNEC has been actively developing international businesses. The corporation has undertaken a series of major engineering projects in the sectors of nuclear power, electric power, civil engineering, housing and infrastructure construction in Jordan, Algeria, Georgia, Singapore, Vietnam and Mongolia, and has made its contributions to the economic and social development of the countries and regions.

The corporation, commonly recognized as a leading enterprise in the nuclear plant engineering sector in the world, has been maintaining close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. On October 22, 2011, the first international construction training center on nuclear power plants (ICTC), authorized and accredited by the International Atomic Energy Agency, was unveiled at CNEC. By end of 2015, 194 trainees from 36 countries had taken part in the training program at the ICTC.

The corporation emphasizes cooperation with top global players, and maintains close cooperation relations with world’s leading companies such as Areva SA of France, Aveng Group of South Africa and Russian state nuclear corporation NIAEP-ASE.